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Kyle Reese back to to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. The army uses their bodies for a secret project - reanimating dead soldiers as deadly obedient cyborgs. However, their memories come back too. R 94 min Sci-Fi, Thriller. The head of a cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine's girlfriend's apartment. R 83 min Action, Sci-Fi.

The "universal soldiers" must fight the whole army, when the military's supercomputer S. H gets out of control. PG 98 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. A police officer joins a secret organization that polices and monitors extraterrestrial interactions on Earth. R min Action, Horror, Mystery. John looks to take down Luc Deveraux after a home invasion claims his wife and daughter. The fight pits John against Andrew Scott and an army of genetically enhanced warriors; meanwhile, he must contend with a UniSol in relentless pursuit.

R 81 min Comedy, Horror. A man is accidentally transported to A. PG min Action, Adventure, Drama. The Borg travel back in time intent on preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species. Captain Picard and his crew pursue them to ensure that Zefram Cochrane makes his maiden flight reaching warp speed. R 86 min Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. PG 96 min Action, Adventure, Fantasy. A former pilot rebels against his creator, teaming up with the scientist responsible for android technology, her pet robot Spot, a rough-and-tumble riverboat guide, and a martial arts warrior.

Not Rated 84 min Family, Sci-Fi. The Daleks' fiendish plot in against Earth and its people is foiled when Dr. Who and friends arrive from the 20th century and figure it out. Votes: 3, R 93 min Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. An employee of a secret company operation becomes the victim of the company's special weapons project. He is transformed into a robotic killing machine that, because of his programming must Votes: As Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he teams up with a fellow Avenger and S.

D agent, Black Widow, to battle a new threat from history: an assassin known as the Winter Soldier. Careers Army Jobs. By Rod Powers. Tank operations Armor offensive and defensive tactics Map reading and scouting techniques Field combat strategy. Strength Requirement: very heavy. Physical Profile Requirement: A maximum height of 6 feet, 1 inch This job is closed to women. Assists in target detection and identification Places turret in operation Determines range to target Prepares range and sketch cards Operates main gun controls and firing controls Adjusts fires Boresights, screen, and zeros main gun Fires main gun Loads, fires, clears, and applies immediate action on machine guns Operates tracked and wheeled vehicles over varied terrain and roadways in combat formation and armor marches Uses and responds to oral commands and visual signals Maintains orientation in moving the vehicle by comparing terrain with maps.

Rather than third-person with Felix, we are stuck in first-person with Jack Crow, a sociopath whose first act is to kill an innocent man. We follow this loon around, reading page after page of his babbling internal dialogue. Nothing important happens here until much later. Feel free to skim.

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Only in the last few chapters do the storylines merge and then we learn that Crow is nothing more than an observer. He plays no significant role in the plot at all. The author included him just so we have a pair of eyes through which we can look at Felix. Aside from the bad writing, the confusing scene changes, and annoying characters, I do not understand why Fleet could not bombard Banshee from space.

Why send soldiers? There seemed nothing to gain from ground-based warfare. Why was there never any support from the air? Why no armored vehicles? And how could these dumb ants possibly create starships? There was much that did not add up. If only Steakley had stuck with Felix's story, I might have considered Armor a good novel. With proper editing, the ending could even have remained the same without forcing hours of pointless rambling on the reader.

Felix was more than enough to pull the story along, but the author's obsession with Jack Crow and his hypersexual exploits all but ruined it for me. Jul 20, Johnny Atomic rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone. Some people love this book more than Halloween, kittens and Disney World combined.

They see it as emotionally charged, creative and raw. Others see it as a schizophrenic mess that could have more than half it's pages removed and, only then, be laudable as a very mediocre novella. Like many things that have a huge following, both parties are correct.

I loved the book and thus overlooked its flaws, which are glaring.

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If the secondary character of Crow fell off the earth and was eaten by Gr Love. If the secondary character of Crow fell off the earth and was eaten by Great Cthulhu, I could not be happier. Apparently nobody told John, that having a bunch of "Hero" characters tends to mess up a simple plot. More than one protagonist is usually workable. But two, genuine, capitol "H" Heroes just wastes time and annoys people.

I choked through the secondary plot because I cared what happened to Felix. The combat scenes were repetitive, but that was on purpose. So I can't help anyone there. If you didn't find it effective, then it wasn't. You're still right and the fans still liked it. Almost everybody agrees that the ending rocks, even the detractors.

In terms of comparison to the other two oft mentioned members of the "Holy Trinity" of power armor stories: "Starship Troopers" and "Forever War", I think it holds up just fine. Most negative reviewers will hold one of the other two books up as a Holy Grail of combat sci-fi. That just comes off as pretentious to me. I enjoyed all three and none of them are Shakespeare Armor is fun and dark and has a lot of holes in it. But overall it is my favorite "power armor" novel of all time. The suit of armor is its own character, which binds the two bits of the story together.

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  • It was engaging, although I found the Jack Crow sections to be a bit opaque in meaning. Why did the author switch to his point of view? And I found long unbroken stretches of text, where it was difficult to find a reasonable place to leave a bookmark, pausing places if you will. Dec 29, Jason Fischer rated it did not like it. I've gotta say, I came into this book with high expectations. It started off brilliantly, with a great Starship Troopers feel No-one survived. There were points where the editing was abysmal, and I'm not just talking about the occasional typo.

    I'm talking about bits where paragraphs collided and partially repeated t I've gotta say, I came into this book with high expectations. I'm talking about bits where paragraphs collided and partially repeated themselves, and I'm mystified as to how this sort of thing got by an editor. At one point, a doctor checks on a person who fainted, and their diagnosis? There are points where the Jack Crow arc is logjammed with pointless cipher characters and about halfway through I had to lob this book into the rarest of categories How is this book considered awesome and canonical?

    View all 6 comments. What a ride! It's truly a military science fiction jewel. If you liked Starship Troopers your're gonna love this one, Steakley was obviously inspired by Heinlein's work ugly giant insect-like enemies, battle armors. Somehow, I think this book hasn't had the attention it deserves.

    Can we please make a movie out of it? Or, better yet, a TV series? Please listen to me, Netflix! It is now one of my all-time favorites. Highly recommended. John Steakley was born in , he and I would be almost of an age. You can see the influence of Vietnam in this one. Written in the book pictures a universe where humans have spread through space and Earth is involved in its first interstellar war. I like this book and found it very involving. I did find my interest waning a bit during our first encounter wit John Steakley was born in , he and I would be almost of an age.

    I did find my interest waning a bit during our first encounter with Jack but that picks back up quickly and continues to spin out an interesting story. It ends in one of those mystery like endings as the story's tied up but we don't get all the details as to what happened. Apparently Mr. Steakley worked for some years on Armor II but died before he finished it. To bad really. I don't want to give spoilers here and I don't really need to to say what needs saying.

    There are some obvious nods of the head to Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, while telling a story with its feet firmly planted in a military much like the one many of us in the late '60s through the mid'70s knew. In Starship Troopers the enemy are giant arachnids here they are giant ants.

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    In Starship Troopers the war opens when an asteroid destroys Buenos Aires. In Armor Felix cries out at an ant that they attacked Earth. Earlier when he's asked why he joined up the questioner wants to know if he's from South America.


    So on and so on. But, where the command structure in Starship Troopers harkens back to WWII and works the command structure in Armor from top government all the way down is clueless and inept. As in Vietnam where the troops were thrown into battle in a war there was never any intent to win the troops here are treated as expendable. If I get started on Nam I'll get long winded.

    Troops were badmouthed and smeared. The majority of the troops were not crazed druggies [those were the minority that got all the notice]. The troops ended fighting for each other simply trying to live till the end of their hitch. The same battle being fought repeatedly as they took a hill only to have the brass give it back and then order it retaken again later. Most forget we won the battles.

    Oh well In Armor "Fleet" clearly intends to win the war, but they also pretty much think of the troops as "material" to be used. We follow Felix from his first drop on into the war on Banshee apparently the home world of the Ants. The story of Felix is actually very enthralling and while the odd twist it gets is just that a bit odd it's still very good and I truly wish Mr. Steakley had lived to complete the sequel. Jun 22, Nagrom rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone. Military Personnel.

    Sci-Fi and Military Sci-Fi fans. Many have compared this book, often unfavorably, to Starship Troopers. Some going as far as to call it a rip off of Starship Troopers. I take a different perspective In an interview Steakley has actually said that he was inspired by Starship Troopers when he wrote Armor, and took many ideas for his book from Heinlein's. Not in an effort to steal, but as a compliment - Borrowing a scenario he loved and using it to explore a different idea.

    Starship Troopers is an exploration of citizenship, duty Many have compared this book, often unfavorably, to Starship Troopers. Starship Troopers is an exploration of citizenship, duty, and patriotism in human terms. Armor is an exploration of war and will - The human drive, and the resiliency of the human animal under the most extreme of circumstances.

    This exploration is primarily through the experiences of Felix, and the reactions of his observers, Jack Crow and company. Felix is a soldier. A very good soldier. Too good. He cannot, will not, be defeated. Every battle, every fight, every amount of seemingly insurmountable difficulty he encounters, he champions. Suffering, being injured, but never being destroyed, and continually throwing himself and being thrown back into the fray. Against an endless, unstoppable, enemy, a race of giant sentient ants, who never stops coming.

    For all his victories, Felix' reality remains the same: The Antwar. A conflict, unexplained even to its fighters, on a desolate hellhole world: The planet Banshee, a barren desert, with subzero temperatures and screaming winds. Felix' experience is shown through the recording devices inside his powered combat armor, which has come to be in the possession of a group of scientists, and Armor's secondary protagonist Jack Crow.

    As Crow and others become more and more sucked into Felix' world of despair and terror, made only more terrifying by his unstoppable will to never quit, their own problems only grow. Their own quiet place in space is becoming unstable, local forces and an enemy of Jack Crow's past coming together for a final conflict that forces them out of Felix' memories, and into a war of their own.

    This book succeeds not for the writing - Which is either brilliant literary eccentricity, or just not that well crafted depending on your perspective - or even for the plot. It succeeds and a story of the human will. The machine, the monster, that lies within every man, and how he can choose to champion it, or let it destroy him. And of what a man of character and will is capable of doing with that monster - That "Engine". This is one of the few books I visit over and over again. I have favorite parts and passages, which provide comfort, strength and reinforcement in times of need.

    I also cannot keep a copy of this book on my shelves, as I am constantly giving them to people who need to read it. Jan 31, Bill rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction. I had this one written down on a little piece of paper I keep in my wallet after reading a gushing review at another website. For months I kept an eye open for it until finally it had been re-issued as a classic. It was OK but I'd hardly call it a classic.

    It does have its moments. While battle scenes begin to bore me after 10 pages, I have to admit these ones were pretty intense. And, yeah, the armor was pretty wild. And, yeah, I did begin to feel for the poor guy. Damn, the more I think about it I had this one written down on a little piece of paper I keep in my wallet after reading a gushing review at another website.

    Damn, the more I think about it, the more I start to like it. So why was I so anxious to finish it and move on to something else? I guess Steakley's prose just doesn't quite click with me. Solid military scifi focusing on a single young Scout who manages to be sole survivor from his unit in more than one attack. Bug-like aliens and powersuits suggest instant comparison to Heinlein's Starship Troopers , but this version is more PTSD than gung-ho. Divides into sections, with the seemingly abrupt change of protagonist and date from Felix to Jack Crow taking awhile to re-connect with Felix's story.

    May 28, Alain DeWitt rated it did not like it Shelves: There's no easy way to put this: this book was a HUGE disappointment. Several people had recommended it to me in the past. One colleague even went so far as to say it was better than 'Starship Troopers'. Where to begin? First, there is almost no character developmen There's no easy way to put this: this book was a HUGE disappointment. First, there is almost no character development for either of the main characters, Felix and Jack Crow.

    Insane Sci-Fi Military Tech & Machines That Actually Exist

    It's a bit understandable in the case of Felix since he has a secret that is revealed at the end of the book. Jack Crow is a mildly interesting character. He has a heavy reputation that clearly all the other characters in the book are aware of but we, the reader, learn almost nothing of.

    So, in the end, I found him a disappointment. Second is the plotting.

    The Overloaded Soldier: Why U.S. Infantry Now Carry More Weight Than Ever

    Put simply, it's horrid. This is really two novellas that have almost no relationship to one another, connected by the loosest of threads. It's like 'Full Metal Jacket' that is really two movies connected by Pvt. Only the connection between these two stories is even more tenuous. Third is the action.

    CNBC25: Rebels, Icons and Leaders

    Much of the action involves Felix in combat in the title armor on the planet Banshee. It's a promising premise poorly executed. All of the action is repetitive as can be. Felix kicks an ant. Felix punches an ant. Felix rips an ant's head off.

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    • Repeat ad infinitum. Fourth - and this relates to the action - is the writing style. It's uninteresting and repetitive. The premise of fighting the ants and human troopers in powered armor is highly derivative of Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers'. We don't learn anything about the ants or why mankind is fighting them. They are nothing more than mindless, giant ants and are depicted as such.

      If that is the case, then how in the heck did they manage to master space flight and attack Earth? It just doesn't follow. Then there is the depiction of the fighting done by Felix. Felix is scared. Felix is tired. Felix is petrified. Felix is exhausted. Felix is horrified. Felix is fatigued. We get it. Use some of those paragraphs to give us a slightly bigger picture view of the fighting or the world or the culture of space-faring mankind or the ants or something.

      Yes, I get that Felix isn't supposed to have a view of the big picture, but that doesn't mean that Steakley can't give the reader a larger perspective. The novel is actually composed of 2 very different storylines, extremely loosely connected: 1. A combat military sci-fi about a scout named Felix. This is extremely good and I enjoyed it immensely for its rhythm, grit and realism regarding the stupidity of the brass. The intense battles are reminiscent of the ww1 carnage unlike Starship Troopers' obvious ww2 inspiration. Another storyline about some wiseguy Han Solo type crook and Yes, in The novel is actually composed of 2 very different storylines, extremely loosely connected: 1.

      Yes, in a book not from the s,but at the same ridiculous level. This part is terribly boring, ridiculous, unoriginal and riddled with badly written characters. So the average is 3, and if the editor kept just half the book the mil scifi it would have been a much better decision.

      Dec 02, Tina rated it really liked it. There are parts of this book that are fantastic, and parts that are a little slow, but overall it was a great action sci-fi. It reminded me a little of Consider Phlebas mainly the character of Jack Crow as well as The Forever War though it seems like every sci-fi soldier book I read reminds me of that one.

      The parts with Felix were just awesome - I couldn't put it down. The parts with Jack though I kind of wonder what the point was. Clearly, when you get to the end the reason for his stor There are parts of this book that are fantastic, and parts that are a little slow, but overall it was a great action sci-fi. Clearly, when you get to the end the reason for his story is provided, but I guess I just didn't like Jack, and his story paled in comparison to Felix's - I found I was a little bored. The novel did tie everything together - the reason for Felix's "Engine" and his skills made sense, as did his rationale for joining the Ant War.

      And there were parts that were just heart-wrenching; the section with Forest, for one. I also enjoyed the gender-neutral aspects of the novel with regards to the female fighters not once are the women treated as less-able simply for being women and the scientists on Sanction.

      Sometimes I wish people in real life would take a cue from these sci-fi books written years ago. The concept of the suits themselves, though pervasive in our culture right now i. Halo and other games or movies , was still unique and intriguing. Though it might be just my weird fetish for body armour. Great novel! Shelves: xcharity , military , scifi.