Download PDF Making Wooden Chess Sets 15 One-of-a-Kind Projects for the Scroll Saw

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  1. Making Wooden Chess Sets: 15 One of a kind Projects for the Scroll Saw by Jim K | Trade Me
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  3. Eldrbarry's Daydream: Turning my own Chess Pieces

There are full size patterns for the different pieces and the designs range from a classic or traditional set to some unique designs based on the architecture of different cities.


For example, the Peter the Great set is based on historic architecture of Russia, the Canterbury is English inspired, and Paris includes the Eiffel Tower as the king. The book also includes a list of tools used and says that the scroll saw and tablesaw are the two most often used.

There is even a short history of the game and basic rules of play. One thing most chess players can agree on - chess pieces and their boards are a thing of beauty. The new book Making Wooden Chess Sets includes 15 patterns for chess sets using a scroll saw, so for those who playing chess is not enough can fill their time with another hobby.

Author Jim Kape had one of his chess sets take a first place blue ribbon at the Excellence in Woodworking show sponsored by the Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers. The book also examines the history of contemporary wood art through a series of personal essays written by Bell, Renwick's curator. These passages contain insight on the rapid growth of the medium since the s and express how the studio craft movement has shaped the current field.

Contact: Smithsonian Books. Tel: The book includes 15 patterns, some inspired by the cities of Paris, San Francisco and Venice. From classical to modern, these chess sets will be cherished for years to come for their heirloom quality and high level of craftsmanship. An introductory chapter familiarizes readers with using a scroll saw and explains how to make compound cuts. The following chapters discuss how to begin making the classic chess set, complete with full step-by-step instructions and photos. There's also a chapter on the history of chess and a section that provides the rules of the game.

The author's use of exotic woods and interesting designs are sure to inspire woodworkers, chess players and scroll-saw enthusiasts alike.

Making Wooden Chess Sets: 15 One of a kind Projects for the Scroll Saw by Jim K | Trade Me

Here is a book fit for kings, queens and knights and a book not to be pawned. I, with my sick humor could not work a rook into my diatribe. In any event, this is a fantastic and inspiring book for all woodworkers. In a word, unique! This is perhaps the best way of describing the contents of this book. Canterbury: A bevy of interior cuts highlights the grandness of this English-inspired set. Imagine yourself in my shoes for a moment. The grass was green and the desert was resting before bursting forth in another blast-furnace summer. I had just finished a beautiful cherry jewelry box as a Christmas present for my niece, and it came out even better than imagined.

After this success, my passion for woodworking was growing exponentially.


I was at a crossroads: what was going to be the next project? Something in the back of my mind whispered chess set. As I puzzled it over, I realized it would be something elegant and refined. This was something I had wanted to build since high school, when a friend of mine brought one home from wood shop. Building the board was fairly easy.

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There were multiple plans online, so I ordered the lumber. I selected maple and walnut. This would turn out to be a great combination for a chessboard. The woods have similar characteristics, and contrast each other very well. I built the board using a cheap portable table saw, wood glue, and clamps. After sanding and finishing, it looked fantastic. I had a picture in my mind of what the pieces should look like, but no idea how to bring them to life.

I glued some scrap walnut and maple together to make a composite chess piece. My first attempt was to sand them into shape with a bench belt sander. I made a lot of sawdust, but no chess pieces. Then I pulled out my old rotary tool and tried to power carve them. Again, I made a big mess, but no chess pieces. I then thought it might be easier to just carve them by hand. I was still without any chess pieces. I was stumped.

Eldrbarry's Daydream: Turning my own Chess Pieces

I knew I could use a lathe to turn the pieces, but I had never used a lathe and did not have the funds to invest in one. I then thought of a scroll saw. I had had one many years before, but had very little success with it. In reading online, I figured out the mistakes I had made with my first saw, so I decided to invest in another one.

Woodturning a Chess Set - The Knights

Next I had to figure out the patterns for the pieces. After about 3 hours of intense work on the computer, I had a design. This design would evolve into the Classic Set that is in this book. I took that pattern and cut my first piece. The piece was rough, but came out much better than I had anticipated. So I kept designing and building.

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  • I designed several chess pieces that would never see the light of day because the design was so bad. Some of the designs turned out very well and are also found in this book.